Pantone Plus Series Solid Chips - Coated & Uncoated

Solid Chips Coated & UncoatedIncludes Paper Chip Savers

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Solid Chips Book includes all Pantone spot colors as sharable perforated chips on coated and uncoated paper. Use this versatile format for adding color into design palettes, mood boards, or product sketches, attaching color to design files for sharing with your production partners, and for approving color on press.

Thanks to alignment with the latest in advanced PantoneLIVE digital and X-Rite hardware technology, Pantone has been able to update our Solid Chips printing process so you can enjoy our best color yet! Find out more >

Find out about Paper Chip Savers and the designer, Jesse Reed. Read More >

 $385.00 U.S.


  • Two-volume, three-ring binder-style desktop set
  • Includes two Paper Chip Savers for easy loose chip organization and storage
  • Includes all current Pantone spot colors as perforated, removable paper chips
  • Each page provides seven Pantone colors with six individual 1.2” x 0.8” chips per color
  • Printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights (100lb for coated and 80lb for uncoated)


  • 1,867 spot colors, including 112 new colors released in 2016
  • Colors arranged in chromatic format, with 112 new colors displayed in the front
  • Each color displayed with coordinating numbers or names
  • Removable chip format has three-sided color bleed to help when evaluating color
  • Index in the front of the book provides the numeric location for each color
  • Tolerance aim <2dE to our master standard data

Product Application

  • Use for palette, mood board, and concept building and for color specification, sharing and evaluation
  • Provides Pantone spot colors in the easiest format to share, transport, or build palettes
  • Replacement Chip Pages sold separately for when colors run out

Video Transcript

VO (Chip Kidd): It’s Halloween, 1968 and that’s me, and that’s my mom, and that’s my brother. And my mom made these outfits for us. And we were totally obsessed and...I sort of never got over it.


SUPER: 112 New PANTONE® Colors for Graphic Design

SUPER: New Colors, New Stories. Chip Kidd on PANTONE

VO (Chip Kidd): Sometimes your first idea is the best idea, but sometimes your first idea is the way too obvious idea. Most of what I'm working on is first editions of hardcover books, which are by their definition and form meant to be kept. Color plays a role in the process and terms of what is possible. Do I want new colors? Well, who would ever not want new colors? It just literally gives you more options and it gives you more to think about.

VO (Chip Kidd): New colors to me means new stories to tell and new ways to tell them. New colors, new stories.

ARTWORK COPY: If you see something. Say something.

SUPER: New Colors, New Stories.

SUPER: Chip Kidd tells his stories with SOLID CHIPS

SUPER: Discover your own storytelling tool

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